Did Someone say S A L E

Did Someone say S A L E

There are 3 words in the English language that will make almost any woman on earth drop what they are doing and run. 
Chocolate – face it ladies we have a need to feed.
Love - All together now Awwww.  Yes we all can't get enough of love.
And last but not least the ones that bring us here today
Sale – Any good one is a must go.

Today it was brought to my attention by my partner in blogging. That there was a sale starting and I needed to run there now... At first I was like all sales are the same. I don’t have to go now... She sent me the official sale ad.  Let me just say; I ran, she was right. 

Apple May Designs is having a sale.  If you are not aware of what AMD is let me enlighten you. She makes some uber cute stuff. Skins, shapes and stuff to cover them with too.  She has appliers for Lola’s, Phat Azz and AMD's own The Baby Bump.

In rushing over I was amazed to see that I was able to get in so quickly. I guess the word is not really out yet or that place would be packed. So I might get to be one of the first to spill the beans. With a price like the ones at this event. If you are not looking for a makeover today or even this month, it might be a really good time to pick up a few shapes some nice new skins to have as a backup for when you do.  I grabbed a few things for myself and for a few alts… Shhh don’t tell. The skins are rather amazing. The attention to detail they look so soft you almost want to touch them. The shapes are unique and really nice as well.  I could spend tonight telling you about it or I can just show you one of the things I picked up and send you on your way….

See you all next time  K.
So what am I wearing today?