I'm Still Learning About Life

It was a big big world, 
but we thought we were bigger
Pushing each other to the limits, 
we were learning quicker.

I have been trying to get this post up for days. But work has been hell, and excuses, excuses. But here it finally is! Or well one of them. I have others to post as well, but it's going to take time. A few more days. Maybe I'll get another one up tomorrow after work or the day after that. Honestly I have no clue lol.

Anyways, this post has a bunch of items from different events. But the one I really need to talk about the most is the Cute Poison - Dream Jar. It's only 100$L, and 100% of the profits are going to Daniel Estro. The Book of Daniel is a fundraising event that is going on trying to help raise money for Daniel's treatment while he's going through chemo and radiation treatment. If you wanna read more about it, you can here.

The dream jar is at the Book of Daniel, that is only going on until the 20th. And it caught my eye because it reminds me of, fire flies/lightening bugs, whatever you choose to call them. If you go to the event and you look at the upper right hand corner, you can see how much of the profits are going towards the fundraiser. A lot of them are putting all the profits towards it, at 100% and the others are mostly 50% or 75%. There's a lot of nice stuff there, and it's for a good cause. You can find the link to the SLURL down in the credits.

I also checked out an event, that may be new, I'm not sure. I don't even remember how I found out about this event. But it's similar to limited 50, there's only so many copies of an item for sale, but there's more copies and it's bigger. It's more focused towards adults as well, but there are some hair designers in it. And you know we can always use more hair. I event found out about a hair store I'd never heard of. That is the hair I'm currently wearing in the post.

Oh, and the new round of Ninety-Nine is up! Cute stuff as usual, but my favorite is definitely this parka top from Little Miss which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite stores. And Diane can I just say, I know your store is fairly new, but you are killing it. Keep up the great work!

Also, last thing, I promise! Here is a close up of what Poppet looks like on the Bebe Mesh head! I know I said I'd add them on the other post, but I never got around to it, so I just decided to throw it on in this post and let you guys get a look. I think it's cute together, and the eyes are from Ninety-Nine, they are mesh, and while Ivy isn't one for brown eyes, these are still cute eyes. They fit well inside all the mesh heads I tried them in.

.Ivy Riverview.
Glamrus Kids . Max 04 [Ninety-Nine]

Cute Poison - Dream Jar [Book of Daniel Fundraiser]
Serenity Style - Grandpa Old Car [Limit8]

DAMI // NATURAL HAIR 03 [Limit8]
Bad Seed Bebe Mesh Head [LM]
LOTUS. Bronx Eyes - 11 [Ninety-Nine]
Bad Seed Poppet Creme Tone [LM]
Bad Seed Freckle Layers [LM]
#EVANI accessories - Lima choker [Limit8]
{Little Miss) Parka Top - Military [Ninety-Nine]
.des lunes. // dark denim shorts [MP]
{Little Miss) Baby Birkens - Brown [Ninety-Nine]


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