To celebrate the release of the bebe body coming out soon, FIWS has partnered with BSBB to bring two or three lucky souls A FREE BEBE BODY to one person for every 100 likes the FIWS FB page recieves!

So how is this working you ask?!


1st - Like our FB page!
2nd -  Like Bad Seed's FB page!
3rd - LIKE AND COMMENT your SL USERNAME on this fb post!

~ But wait, I already bought the body! D: ~
That's cool! You are welcome to nominate someone else to receive the body in your place if that is the case. Or if you'd rather we can refund you the cost of the body. Not a problem there!

~What are the rules?~
ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. Let's try to keep this fair, people.
You must enter by the deadline. You must like both pages, the post and comment your SL username on the post. Not your display name.

~ Why are ya'll doing a giveaway? ~
Cause we're nice people. Also I wanted a reason to post more pictures of this body being cute. Don't question it. It's free stuff for ya'll.

Enjoy various pictures that I've been taking of the new body, will add more as I have editted them! <3


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