And I'll Guide You

Some people would say
To accept their fate
Well, if this is fate
Then we'll find a way to cheat

Oh my god. This outfit is like my entire way of life! I came across it by accident too, cause I was just looking for regular underwear to wear one of my dresses. So I bought it, it's fully mesh so you can't just throw it under an outfit, BUT! But but but. My life motto is basically no pants are the best pants. So I had to buy it. And now I can just wear this anytime I don't wanna get dressed. Even though my dad was like you can just wear a skirt. Pfft. No dad. It's not the same.

But anyways! This post was originally supposed to be about the skin. So let's do that shall we? So, Bad Seed is currently redoing all of her old skins, because they don't look right on the Baboo head. So she's updating them all to remove the makeup. So far she's done three of the skins. This one is Belle. I've still gotta make shapes for the other two skins. Now yes, the skins do have their own shape you can use, I'm just usually not a fan of the included shapes. They never suit my specific taste. Not to mention, Ivy is 6, so the baby faces that are usually included just don't do her justice.

Above: Baboo Bento Mesh Head                      Below: Alice Bento Mesh Head

These are all four of the tones, on both of the available Toddleedoo Bento Mesh heads. And I am burnt out after all this lol. So on that note, the credits are below! Have fun!

.Ivy Riverview.
{.: DollFace :.} - Looking Up [LM]

{S0NG} :: Bomi // Wise Eye [LM]
{Bad Seed} Belle Skin- All Four Tones [LM]
{Petite Bowtique} Pearl Undies No Pants [LM]
{Bad Seed} Ballet Shoes/Black [LM]

~Tableau Vivant~ Ors hair - Naturals I [LM]
Bebe Baboo Bento Mesh Head [LM]
{S0NG} :: Bomi // Wise Eye [LM]
Blues. Harley [LM]
*TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE [LM]
[Buzz] Serenity Eyes - Winter [LM]
[Z O O M] Lombard Glasses [LM]


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