Talking Body: A POV on TMP

Now I've had this body for a few months now, and I've been talking with my friends about the like pros and cons of this. But you guys are my friends too right? So why don't I share my opinions with you guys... So without further ado, my Point of View.

This body is fucking hot okay. Like yummy to look at. Haha. I think we can all agree on that. Out of all of the (currently offered) male mesh bodies, this one is the most attractive in my eyes. A lot of us could stare at people walking around topless in #TheMeshProject Male body and none of us would mind. But being the wearer of the body is an entirely different story.

The Demo is free. But first you have to go to their sim, and put on the shopping hud that they send you when you arrive. Then you have to go to the male area and touch the male body demo, which will pull up a window on the hud and then you have to touch the image to get the body. So the shopping process is a bit long, drawn out and honestly annoying for those who have to undergo it.

And in order to actually buy the body, you have to buy credits first, then use the credits and go through the same process to buy the version you'd like. It is an overly complicated system, that if you don't pay attention it takes a while to figure out what to do.

The hands only come in the one pose, and if you use the standard SL avatar head, make sure you retrofit the neck. The mesh head (which I do have one of but I didn't have for this picture), is actually pretty nice but just as much as the body. So try the demo before you buy it.

Now for the fun part. The alpha hud. You can't get it unless you buy the deluxe version. And there is no easy way to hide body parts. You are able to set presets, but there's only 6 save slots, and you have to set those up yourself. Each one has to be set separately, and you can't stack them. So make sure you click save before switching. You'll only make that mistake once I promise. The alpha is probably my least favorite part of the body. And if you've never used a mesh project body with the alpha hud, here's a little preview. I honestly wish that I had seen the hud before I bought the body. I would have thought twice or at least not been nearly as floored when I realized there was no easy way to hide the entire body when needed.

To style the body you need to use the other hud, which comes with the shopping hud. The style hud or "StyleMode" as it's called, is how you apply skins, textures, change the nail color, eyebrows, facial hair, tattoos and basically everything else. Thankfully, you only need one style hud for all that to work. And I believe it works on some sort of server because even if you delete your old copy of the hud and go grab a new one, everything you've already synced shows up. So there's brownie points for that. It is nice to be able to find a lot of stuff with just a few clicks of the button, rather than constantly having to search through your inventory for the right applier. You can never remember what that one outfit you were looking for was called anyways, right?

So honestly, the pros and cons feel about even. There's some things that are super awesome about #TheMeshProject Male body, but the alpha hud kinda makes you never want to change your clothes. There's also this weird bug, that sometimes when you TP your body like detaches and you have to manually take off your body, relog and put it back on. You'll still see your body yourself, but the alpha hud won't work and no one else will see your body. This has happened to a few of my friends as well, so I know it's not just me. I've found it happens a lot when I leave RP sims. Going from a laggy sim to a not laggy sim. Not so much from a not laggy sim to a laggy sim. But relogging will generally fix the problem.

I won't even go into how there's not a TON of quality stuff for men with this body to wear, because we all know how lacking the male fashion industry is lacking. But there has been a rise in the amount of stuff that is TMP body compatible. So hopefully things will be pretty good for male mesh bodies in the future.

Anyways, I got other stuff to blog so I'm gonna get set on taking pictures and shit! Also if you haven't heard already. Slink Physique for men is coming out relatively soon. So I'm looking forward to that. It will cost the same as the Physique for women, so it'll only be 1200 give or take 50$Ls or so. There is no word yet on if it'll fit TMP heads or not. But I'll be posting a comparison when it comes out! So we all get to look forward to that.

#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(m)
~Tableau Vivant~ Echo - Tone 3 - Natural
[AR2 Style] The Cross Tattoo II
Exile::High and Dry Browns
(I have no clue what the underwear are called. I lost the applier for them. I know they're on marketplace)

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  1. I bought my bf this body when I got him into SL, he hated it. The alpha hud frustrated him to no end. I have to agree tho, the body is very yummy ;3


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