Obsidiots Choo Choo Go

Obsidiots Choo Choo Go

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(Flute Solo)
Killed it.

So since I can finally handle going places once more, I decided to go to a bunch of events I'd heard of on facebook and flickr. And, lo and behold, I actually found some stuff I liked. First I had to find stuff for my mesh shapes. And so I went to anyBODY, which is some event for everything with appliers. Lolas, physique, TMP, Belleza, Maitreya, and all these other things I hadn't heard of but exist. But I got these pants cause they were cute! So much self control.

As anytime I take a leave from an avatar, and then come back to it, I had to give him or her a makeover. While her shape didn't change much, I did decide to try another body so that I could try the omega appliers. It took me a while to figure out, cause I am a dumbass and I read everything the wrong way. (BTW did you know if you rez out the Maitreya body it instantly derezzes?) Took me like 6 tries to figure out I was obviously doing something very wrong. Not even gonna try to defend myself there.

And while I do like the SLink body, the boobs look really cute when they're small, I also love the Maitreya body. Thankfully I can still use my SLink hands and feet cause I mean we spent tons on those. It'd be a waste to just let them sit in our inventory. Hopefully Omega will be slink compatible soon, so that I can use that one too.

 Anywho! So I went to Collabor88 too, and surprisingly I'm not nuts about this round. I love the colors, cause pastels are my favorite, but the whole unicorn theme just threw me off. But I did find this couch from Lisp that is texture change.

After that I went to the Kawaii Project, and walked around, saw some cute stuff that wasn't really my style, but I am a gold member with exposeur so I figured I'd look at their stuff. And I actually went back and got this cause it worked well with the outfit that I found later at Kustom9. But this is gonna be plenty long with the credits below so I'mma stop here. Cause obviously I like the stuff, if I didn't I wouldn't blog it. Lol!

Couch: LISP - Mesh - Mid Century Modern Sofa - Tex Change (pose not included) [C88]
Pose: Exposeur - Wishful Drinking 3 (Mug included, phone is not) [Kawaii Project]
Phone: .tsg. Keitai Smart Phone - Beary-san Blue [Arcade, June 14]
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Harmony -  light blondes (worn with blondes5 hairbase)
Eyes: IKON Lucid Eyes - Pewter
Skin: Essences {Ingrid - Medium01}
Parted Lips combination: [Ava] Pixel Perfect Teeth - Natural 1.0 - Alpha S and [:T:] Prim Parted Lips :: Set 1 - Prim 2
Left Hand: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands - Point
Right Hand: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands -Bag
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Shirt: *Tentacio* Danna shirt with scarf white [Kustom9]
Leggings: .Biddy. - Running Pants - Blk/Gry [anyBODY]

Children will listen

Children will listen

Careful the wish you make,
Wishes are children.
Careful which path they take,
Wishes come true, not free.

Been a while right? Lol. I know you guys have missed me cause all I did yesterday was revamp my blog, and so many people came to look. I didn't even announce it, you all just came! That actually made me really happy. Cause I didn't think anyone was going to come back and read my blog. I thought I might actually have to make a new one. But you all proved me wrong.

So yes, once again I am back. But this time with my own fabulous new laptop with amazing parts that mean I won't be needing to take a break for a while. Unfortunately though, work does keep me busy. RL work I mean. So I won't be able to promise so many blog posts a month, but I can promise that I will blog as frequently as I can. I have the rest of the week off, and I am gonna be moving soon, but I'mma try to get a few posts done this week to make up for lost time.

Anyways, isn't that bed amazing? I have a bed fetish. I own like 17 of them. Maybe 18. Idk.

Hair: *Dura-Boys&Girls*55(Wood Bark)
Glasses: CARGO - Beatdown Hipster Glasses
Skin: MY UGLYDOROTHY - Heather (Burly)
Brows: [Kokolores] BeautyParlour - bushy eyebrows
Teeth: ROMI~Teeth Tattoo
Jacket: bop! Open Hoodie - Pacman
Pants: bop! Saggy Pants - So Fly
Game console: [ L I F E ] LIFEBoy Color 2  - Yellow
Bed: Trompe Loeil - Kezia Bed PG [mesh]