I Don't Know How to Act...

 Oh, Did I say too Much?
I'm so in my head,
When we're out of touch.

Sometimes, you just find out you needed something you didn't know you needed. And this outfit was one of those things. I went to the Arcade, and did all my shopping and got the things I really needed/wanted, and walked right by the machine for this outfit. Then I saw my mom wearing the blue one and was like I need that. So I sent her to the arcade and she got me the red version. Too bad I hate red! But I went back and played the machine and got this one. And it is so cute! I could even wear it as a wedding dress (even, though we all know I'll probably never get married).

So I got the dress and I put it on and then spent the better part of like 20 minutes trying to decide what color to make the lace. Let me just tell you, the white dress look fabulous with almost every color I paired it with, but there's this sort of tannish-peach bow on the back so I decided to go with something similar to that. And I got this sort of golden-beige.

Then came the next part. Looking for a nice place to take pictures because I was just too lazy to take the time to decorate a platform for me to take the picture myself. So I went around a few sims, and this was actually the first sim I went to, but to make sure I was sure this was where I wanted to take the picture at, I went to other sims and checked them out. One wasn't too bad but this spot on this sim really sung to me. And not only because I was watching Glee. But because it fit so well with this adorable dress. Seemed to bring an essence of class to the background without seeming too stiff. Plus I mean, look at it. Who wouldn't want to take a picture at this spot?

And here is a close up so that you can get a better view of the dress. It's really cute, and comes in different colors, and two different styles even though I, personally, think the first style is better. Alright I have to work irl. So I have to get going. Make sure you stop by the arcade and this sim. It won't be a waste of your time!

.Iris Menna.

-Pixicat- Wonderland.Dress nr.1 - White [The Arcade, Mar '15]
.Loud Mouth. - Parted Teeth  (Just the teeth) [Taxi]
Essences {Ingrid - Medium01} [Taxi]
IKON Lucid Eyes - Pewter [Taxi]
Essences - Eyelashes 06 [Taxi]
Magika - Hush [Taxi]
Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara [Taxi]

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