Dear Santa

Dear Santa, You don't have to come this year.
No, I haven't lost my holiday cheer.
I would send you my list,
But I realized I already got my gift.

Have you all already sent your letters to Santa? I know I have, and I think this song down below, is really great. Perfectly encompasses my Christmas spirit this year. But if you haven't heard sent it in yet, you're running out of time!

Also the clock for buying presents is ticking down! You're running out of time, I got all mine done early. Though of course I'm still adding things to the presents. Cause new things come out, and you wanna give that as presents too. So I'm gonna be throwing out more presents under the tree lol.

One of them might have to be this adorable little outfit from Color Me Cute. The little ones in my family aren't on very much this month, which makes it super fun to buy new things because the chances of them having it already is super low! :D But I do love this outfit. I think I'm gonna wear it for a few days. And by a few days, I mean yesterday and today, because I have a different outfit planned for blogging tomorrow. Yes! There's gonna be another one tomorrow! I know everyone under the sun has been to color me cute already, but if you haven't yet. Stop by, some of the designers have put out transferable versions of their items just so you can send it to people for Christmas.

And, as we are all aware, the Firestorm Bento viewer went live. Which naturally took forever to download because their servers were slammed. It took my dad almost 2 hours yesterday, and it took me an hour and a half the day before that. Yeah. It's a little slow right now, but once you have it, you can finally have all the bento! All of it! Like this!

This is one of the shapes I've made for the Toddleedoo Bento Alice Head. It's a little more round and baby like in the face than I'd like, and there are some flaws under the jaw from the profile view. But, all in all, I think we're off to a fabulous start. I bought both of the heads of course, though, this one works better with my skin I believe. The cost for them both is the same, which makes it pricey for Toddleedoo, but cheap for Bad Seed. Either way you're gonna have to be willing to dish out 1k. But I think it's worth it. I mean look at that face. It's adorable.

It's also got a ton of animations, and she even included an extra alpha layer add on, for the kids who want to wear more than one, just make sure that you only wear one at a time when applying the layers, otherwise they'll both just apply the same thing to both layers. I forgot to do that and was like awh man. But it's a simple enough fix. Or if you're like me, you use the extra layer and wear it alone and make that the hair base layer, and then just never change that and use the main head for all the other things like freckles and such. Which! I am wearing Bad Seed's Freckles in this picture.

.Ivy Riverview.
Isle of Shade

.Entwined. Poppy [FaMESHed]
*TD* Baby Mesh Head #Bento - ALICE [LM]
{Bad Seed} Alicia Skin [Previous Bebe Bundle, no longer available]
{Bad Seed} Freckle Layers [LM]
[Buzz] Serenity Eyes - Winter [LM]
.random.Matter. - Yeol Glasses - Silver [The Chapter Four]
:BoWillow:Writing Santa - Letter To Santa Envelopes [The North Pole's Snowy Village]
[Vk!] Babby Outfit Navy [Color Me Cute]


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