Sugar Rush

Jump into your racing car

"Omg girl where you been?"
Eh, rl, sl. Ya know. Same old same old. Just been uninspired and such. It happens to us all. But I saw this background and I was like uhm yes please? So! Here we go.

There's not much to this picture, but it can all currently (I believe!) be found inworld! All of this stuff is super cute though, and I'm always looking for great decor to use one whole time for a picture before it gets lost in my inventory for the rest of all time. Lol! I'm not gonna bore you with a lot of typing tonight because it's late, I'm tired and let's just be honest. You're just skipping over this to find out what's in the picture today anyways! So go ahead. Take a look. 

.Ivy Riverview.
RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Sweet Studio RARE [The Guardians Event]
{moss&mink} Wall sprinkles [Project 7]

Tableau Vivant \\ Thea [frizzy chic] - Nat II [Project 7]
{Bad Seed} Bebe Baboo Bento Mesh Head [Taxi]
IKON Sovereign Eyes - Armor [Taxi]
.random.Matter. - Yeol Glasses - Silver
{Little Miss} Bibi Coords - Red [Taxi]


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