Turducken. There is not a little girl on SL that hasn't heard of this shop. Famous for having the best female tiny tot clothes this store died and was reborn for mesh avis. And I still love it! Their stuff comes in multiple colors to suit any mood you can be in. Their prices aren't much lower, but their stuff is still by far my favorite. Alk has come out with many-a outfit that suits every girl from the girly-girl, to the tom boy, to the fem-fatales of the child avi world.
This outfit is rather warmish looking with it's long sleeves and white jeans. The lace gives it that perfect cutesie touch that I do adore so much,
Another outfit from Turducken coming up next. And no it's not pink this time! It's peach, which is kinda orangey..
>.Iris Menna.<
Hair: -LaViere- Miki Blondes
Outfit: Turducken ToddleeDoo - Portia Outfit - Pink


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