Yeah, I'm fine.

Capsize, I'm first in the water.
Too close to the bottom.
I'm right back where I started.
Hello! And welcome to another episode of talking video games! Woops my bad, wrong thing.

Today I have a cute little outfit with pieces from a few different outfits. But when you put them together it's really cute, and very early fall feeling. The vest is from a full outfit I had bought with the intention of blogging, but when I tried it all on together, I just didn't like it. And then I bought this Paper Damsels outfit with the intention of blogging it, but I didn't like the shoes, and it just didn't feel complete, even with the matching jacket.

And then Little Miss came out with these shoes, and I just knew I had to blog this outfit. The pumpkin was an impulse buy that I needed to justify, so in the post it went! :D

I do love this outfit. It's simple, yet easy to accessorize. You can put a bag on with it, or just mix and match shoes. I really do think the vest really brings it all together though. Well that's it for this outfit.

.Ivy Riverview.
Fancy Decor: 1st Place Pumpkin [LM]

[e] Nadia [LM]
{Bad Seed} Bebe Moppet Mesh Head - Standard [The Crossroads]
Paper Damsels - Denise Outfit [LM]
{WF} Cloe Fur Vest (From Cloe Outfit) [LM]
{Little Miss} Casual Boots - Camel [LM]


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