Gratifying Experience

Being a blogger isn't usually a very gratifying thing. Sure we have our readers and we love them, but it's not very personal. And something that makes bloggers happy as nothing else? When someone compliments their work, and I'm not saying saying, oh you look pretty. But when a reader IMs a blogger or like sees them in world and goes, "Hey! I love your blog!" it's a freaking really satisfying feeling. Especially when the bloggers do try to talk to their readers through their posts, not really the ones where the people post a picture with just what they are wearing. I mean, I'm sure they love to be aknowledged too, but bloggers really feel connected when a reader talks to them. Even the ones that may look less than friendly would love to just hear, "OMG your blog's the shiz!" It shows us we're doing something right.
And I know this may seem like a random topic, but it's not. I've had 3 or 4 people in the last week tell me they liked my blog, or it's interesting. That has made me feel awesome, and it makes me want to blog more because I know people are reading it and I know they're enjoying it. Yeah there's the number of total views, but that doesn't give me feedback. It tells me statistics. But I don't care about if I get 1k views or 2, as long as I know my readers are gaining something from my posts. And if you don't feel comfortable talking to people or you're a socially awkward person, follow their blog. It shows them that you support their work and you like it. 
Today I was approached by a store owner, she told me she liked my blog, and that was awesome cause I like her store. She asked me if I would blog her outfits if I liked them, and I was like sure I'll get them up tonight. Cause I love helping people, and getting requests is also a very gratifying thing. For a store owner to acknowledge a blog is a big deal, even if you don't get free clothes just to have one be like That's awesome! You get this big old smile on your face and go, ":D:D:D:D Thanks!" And I actually do like one of the outfits she wanted me to blog. I mean I'm not crazy for them both, cause I've never been one for animal print but I'll do it cause you put a pair of jeans with that and you've got actually got something trendy looking.

These are two new outfits from Zoobatos. Which I think is spanish or something, I'm really not sure, but her stuff is cute so I shop there sometimes.  And while I'm not a huge fan of the one to the left, I do like the one on the right. But then again I love everything that's kinda tombyish. Not to mention that it's got candy on the pants (too cute). I saw her notice in the TD group and it didn't really hit me until I read the shirt when she said put the candy in the bag and no one gets hurt. I thought she was just commenting on the outfit, but that is indeed the quote from the shirt. xD The Cheetah print dress (left) comes with an umbrella which went well with the outfit when Imo hadn't yet taken off the jeans, but alas it wasn't part of the outfit so she had to remove them. But it was cute. And the Candy outfit (right) looks cute and sporty when you take off the cardigan. It's girly and feminine but the pants have a workouty type feel to them cause of the stripe going down the side. It'll also be a great valentine's day outfit for tomboys!
>.Iris Menna.<
Outfit (Left): Zoobatos - Pink Cheetah Dress Jacket outfit
Outfit (Right): Zoobatos - Candy Fun Outfit
Hair (Left): -LaViere- Miki Blonde
Hair (Right): .Ploom. Bria


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