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..You've been gone on your crystal ship..

Tomorrow is the big day! The Global Domination hunt starts... and it's Valentine's day. And for all those lonely hearts that are so sorry they don't have a valentine for Valentine's Day, I have a quote for you.
Madea says: "You don't have a valentine on Valentine's Day? Some people don't have mothers on Mother's Day, or a father on Father's Day, so shut up."
Being single isn't the worst thing in the world, and if your priority is having someone to give you something on a V-day, you need to rethink the purpose of being in a relationship. Did you know in Japan it's only women who give chocolates to men as a sign of adoration? And most of them handmake their chocolates. So when you're complaining cause you don't have a man to give you flowers girls over seas are working their asses off to make candy for a guy that they adore. But not always. They also give "obligation chocolates", or Giri-choko, to their male friends, bosses, coworkers and what not. Instead of it being a day for men to show their affection to women it's the women's day to show appreciation for men. Men give gifts (normally not chocolates) to the women that gave them gifts on White Day which is march 14th, one month after Valentine's Day. Of course not all of them make their own chocolate, it's mostly the high school girls, but don't you think that's something really romantic rather than giving store bought boxes of chocolate? Homemade always tastes better (unless bitch can't cook).

Little culture lesson for you. Anyways, this outfit is still using the boots and socks from the last outfit cause they just look so damn good together. The jacket is form Ducknipple, and the undershirt is from journey. It's actually a shirt for men but that doesn't matter. I've also done the shorts before, but like I say, you can always recycle stuff. You can make awesome outfits by mixing and matching. 
I always try to buy stuff that I can use sperately, cause blogging gets expensive always having to buy new stuff. No way just mix it up, I promise there's something cute in your inventory you just have to figure out how to put it together.
>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: >TRUTH< Hollana w/Roots - cupcake
Jacket: DN Mesh: Buttoned Cropped Top w HUD
Shirt: Journey :: Men's Henleys V1 - Black
Shorts: -Fade Arcade- Mesh Shorts Light Blue
Socks: WWI Army Girl Black Garters Lights Boxed
Boots: :.Envious.: Carter Boots Black*


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