Go Kindergarten

Yeah – you know, 
some of it might seem strange.
But don’t think, 
just obey.
Let the music play, 
’cause we put it in the song,
So do everything that we say!

I am soooooo tired. It's not even funny. The next round of the Pure Sales Room starts on the second, so tomorrow. There's a lot of good stuff going in it this round, like this outfit for men. The shirt's from iToku, and the jeans are from an outfit from MM5 Rock! They work well together. iToku has two shirts out this round, and the jeans come with all of the male outfits from MM5 this round. Just different colored shirts. I like the jeans and this shirt is way cute, cause everyone loves Gir.
>.Iris Ventris.<

Hair: [Atro Patena] - Victor_Brown
Shirt: iToku! - Wazaa Shirt
Jeans: MM5 Rock!-Fluo Night Green Outfit-Man Mesh


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