Jump Jump

It was just one of those days, 
with nothing else to do.
We went clubbin' at this place, 
when I first saw you.

So my bf decided he wanted to try being a little girl, and asked me for my help to make him into a cute one. Well he didn't so much ask as I told him I would do it for him. Of course he had his say too, he wanted to be a redhead. So A redhead I made him.

Magika has this huge 50% off sale going on there right now, where everything is like 125$L so naturally I took him there and told him to pick a hair.... out of 4 that I decided would look best on him. He picked this one out of these 4. And I think it works really well with her face. I got her a premade shape, because I was too lazy to make one for her. Qbee has this way of making shapes that go with most skins. Not all skins, but most.

And I love mesh, so I took him to Soken to grab an outfit, and some jammies, and we got him all set up looking as adorable as possible.
>.Iris Menna.<

Hair: Magika [01] Tendency
Eyes: pc eyes - pearl - m/r - vineyard
Freckles: Pink Acid Teeth, Blush, Eyelashes & Freckles 6 Pack P2 (freckles/blush only)
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.Charmy(A)
Shape: / * qbee - Snowdrop Shape // Child *
Shirt: [SKM] Kawaii Toasty Short Sleeve Tshirt MESH
Shorts: [SKM] Indie Blue Shorts MESH
Shoes: DN Mesh: Unisex Skateshoes w HUD


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