A new year, A new beginning, Same old me.

Herlo! Yes it's me, and yes this is exactly what it seems like. As you can tell F.I-W.S has been completely revamped (or if you're reading this as I'm working on it, It's being revamped). New everything! But the same old me. And I am very excited to be back! Oh And Happy New Year!

I am going to be resuming my blogging, this month. But there are going to be some changes. I started my blog with the promise of at least 9 posts per month. Unfortunately I don't know if I'm going to be able to keep this promise anymore. I already broke it last year, and it killed me when I had to. But things happen, RL happens and sometimes you just can't stop them from happening.

If you've noticed someone else has been blogging on here. A very close friend of mine irl. In fact my RL mom. She told me she wanted to try her hand at blogging. And I really hate when people start a blog, then just never blog anything. So I gave her the opportunity to blog with me. I hope none of you mind. Though I'm sure you won't. I don't know what her monthly goal will be, but mine is going to be at least 4 posts a month. That means at least 1 a week. If I can do more, I will! But I can't promise more right now. I'm still working on getting my rl in order.

She will be blogging mostly things for adults on SL. And I'm going to be focusing on mostly things for children. This doesn't mean neither of us will ever blog anything else, we both have our different tastes, so we'll still blog whatever we'd like. But Kendall will mostly be blogging adult, and I will be mostly blogging child.

I really hope that this year is better for all of us. And I hope that this year I won't break my promise. But if I do, it's cause I suck. But that's okay because... face it. We suck! Haha :D!



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