Winter Solstice Hunt

There is a hunt for kids going on right now. It's small, but there's some cute stuff in it. It's a great pass time for this time of year, when everyone's busy or not online and you just have nothing to do. It's not a long hunt at all. There's only 16 stops, and two of them have to be skipped because their gifts aren't out yet. It's not hard, and some of the prizes are cute. Like I said it's a great little Pass Time for this time of year, when everyone's busy and those who don't have much to do are bored.

Participating stores
              •Soken Kids Mesh                                            •Soken Kids TD
              •Marbles Kids Stuff / Pufferbillies Toys             •Lil PunkZ (skip)
              •Little Nest                                                      •Xeolots
              •Tottyz 4 Kids                                                  •Tayler Made 4 Toddlers
              •PewDeePie                                                     •Little Ones Couture & Kibas
              •Qet Alqmar                                                    •NUMB3RS!
              •ND/MD Kids-R-Us                                            •ATAKK
              •Beyond Dreams

You can find the hints here, and maybe if you take a look around the shops, you'll find other hunts to do to help pass time as well. It's coming up on springtime, and springtime is always full of hunts with nice clothes, so I'm going to be keeping my eyes open for upcoming hunts. Even if you don't find anything you want to keep, you'll probably find something that'll make a cute picture or two. Like this...
>.Iris Menna.<


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