We all know this song.....

Holy $#%& I know I am not alone when I say Game of Thrones' return was GLORIOUS!

How many million other people were all watching Game of Thrones on Sunday? Half the world that's who. And I see so many people being like, wow that was so boring and anti-climatic. Are you kidding me?! This episode was slow, yes, but it was all about character building. You're seeing who these people really are. Dyneris... Arya... Tyrian... Sansa... and other people who I can't remember the names of because there are way too many. But can anyone really name all of the characters? Or does the Game of Thrones Honest Trailer sum up how you name all the characters too? Lol. I got Kendall hooked on it. Can't wait for sunday!

But on a fashion related note, I love these pants! I wish I wasn't so broke. Cause then I'd be able to buy the other colors. But I love these! They're awesome. They are so versatile; like I've been mixing them with tons of different outfits. Like the rare shirt from Just Kidding's All the Little Things gatcha. It's got a bunch of bracelets, and then the shirt comes in kid and baby size. Here's a close up of the bracelets. I would have preferred silver but that's because I just don't like gold lol.

But even though they aren't silver, the detail is amazing. They look old, but like a restored old. And the sayings on them are all relevant to the series. Personally, I think this set here is soooo romantic :3. But I'll never wear them! (House of Stark is the best!) Lol.

The shield and helmet are both wearable, and come with a sword. They are part of another gatcha at this round of ATLT. The dolls are also from a gatcha but not ATLT they're from Woodland Treasures. You can wear them as well. What else is from a gatcha... the music box! I;ve blogged it before, and I'll blog it again.  Because I really so love t. The attention to detail, and the fact that it plays the opening song. Dun duh dudun duh dun duduh duh dun duduh duhnnnn. And we all love the opening theme from the show. The Desk in the background is from Cooties for the Family Flea Market. It's cute, old fashioned, but cute. I can hide underneath it so that's always a bonus. Haha.
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Maiko [Light Brown 1 / Yellow] [The Arcade March '14]
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::.SooJi [Taxi]
Glasses: CARGO - Beatdown Hipster Glasses [MP]
Shirt: jkb: GoT - Crown Shirt (Baby) RARE [All The Little Things]
Bracelets: jkb: GoT - Nothing & Winter is Coming [All The Little Things]
Jeans: .S&S. 1999 Straight Jeans - Light Wash [Family Flea Market]

Dolls: 8i8 bb 8i8 Bouquet Babies -Zinnia Doll RARE & Dasiy [Woodland Treasures]
Shield: B'rang Stark Shield [All The Little Things]
Bracelets: jkb: GoT - My Sun and Stars & Moon of My Life [All The Little Things]
Music Box: [TTT]  Stark Music Box [All The Little Things]
Helmet: B'rang Stark Helmet [All The Little Things]
Desk: ~_* Cooties  *_~ Old School Desk [Family Flea Market]


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