Hit The Lights

It's the boy you never told 'I like you'.
It's the girl you let get away.
It's the one you saw that day on the train,
But you freaked out and walked away.

It's the beginning of the month, which means everything's starting over! And what happens when things start over? New things come out! I took this picture days ago. But here's the thing. I seriously hate one of my sl jobs. I don't like my boss, and I don't like my coworkers and I don't like having to deal with everyone and be extremely underpaid. But I need the money so I do it. What does this have to do with this blog post? Well it's simple. When you're not happy it's hard to get creative. And I just don't feel like writing. It's disappointing I know.

But the good news is my kitten can come home next week! :D So I'm happy about that. Also this is a super cute mat. I'm not an overly complicated person. And I like simple things like this. People forget how simple things like this can really make a major difference in things. There's not much in this picture but this little corner of my house is probably one of my favorite places to sit. Too bad you can't just have a little corner as your entire house. xD

This outfit is made up of bits and pieces from different places. The shoes are from the same place as the shirt but from different outfits. The shirt is from the current round of All The Little Things. This month's theme is mix and match, where none of the designers were allowed to put out complete outfits. So there's a lot of creative freedom for shoppers this round. There's shoes, shirts, pants, skirts, socks, and poses. Lots of things. Next round is going to be a lot of fun too. But this round there's going to be a lot of posts because there's so much.

The mats are new from Boogers. As is the kabob tray. It's from the woodland gacha this month. So that's another thing to look forward to this month. My internet sucks tonight so I'm going to end this post here. Hopefully it'll post correctly. And I'll do more posts this week when my internet decides it wants to behave. For what doesn't have a link yet, I'll link them soon.

Hair: *ARGRACE* TAKUMI - Dark Browns [Taxi]
Glasses: CARGO - Beatdown Hipster Glasses [MP]
Shirt: .The Blossom. Mix up! Less is more shirt TD [All The Little Things]
Pants: jk: Baggy Capri Jeans - Khaki [Taxi]
Shoes: .The Blossom. Color crush outfit TD [Taxi]

Tray: <:*BoOgErS*:> Yum-Kabob Tray VIP [Woodland Treasures]
Mat: <:*BoOgErS*:> NapMat Mine [Taxi]
Typewriter: floorplan. typewriter / black [Taxi]
Books: -tb- Bon Voyage - Ready to Travel [Past Arcade]
Craft kit: *Second Spaces* craft room - crafts on the go beige [Past Arcade]
House: Wooden Cottage 01: Painted Wood


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