There's a million you's baby boo, so don't be dumb.

I'm thinkin' I love the thought of you,
More than I love your presence.
And the best thing now,
Is probably for you to exit.

Omg everyone is wearing this purple dress. LMBO. I just wanted to get out of my typical I only wear blue thing. Cause I usually don't. Idk why most of my outfits I blog are mostly blue.... Speaking of.... my tights are blue. xD So I didn't completely shed that side of my persona. *Sighs* Oh well.

I really wanted to mismatch this outfit. But that can be hard to do. Then I wanted to take a picture in my treehouse, but then I was like oh I can do this in my room on the scooter. So you get two pictures this time! Yaaay!

I'm trying to write, and Zyzzyva is demanding I pet her. Since I won't she's chewing on the edge of my laptop and my toes. I think she missed me.. I started work, and have never been so tired in my life. My feet hurt sooo bad lol. I don't know which of these pictures I like more. And that is another reason why you get two pictures.

So a lot of this stuff is from the Arcade, as you probably know by now. I finally got my round robot! And, it's blue xD. Not the color I wanted. And I just realized this picture has a lot of blue in it as well. Crap I totally didn't break my blue habit at all it seems. I just moved it all to the objects. Are you serious right now?! Ugh, lol!

Anyways, this outfit; the boots, the stockings and the dress all are items from just kidding's events this month. And most of these decorations came from different people at the arcade. So is my ice cream hat! I wear it to be a unicorn. The socks are from Snips & Snails. And I realize how much text is down at the bottom so I'mma cut this off short because jesus my style cards are getting longer! Lol.

I shall see you all after I get off work tonight!

|I'm Wearing|
Hat: +Half-Deer+ Summer Delights - [Waffle Cone Hat] [Arcade June '14]
Hair: Magika [01] Shimmer [Taxi]
Glasses: CARGO - Beatdown Hipster Glasses [Taxi]
Backpack: ISPACHI [Upheaval] Backpack [Arcade June '14]
Dress: jk: Peplum Dress - BABY - Purple [Fiction & Fables]
Robot: [VN]QTBot - Clank - Teal [Arcade June '14]
Cartridge: .:Standby Inc. - Retro Zone - Cart Pack #2 [Arcade June '14]
Tights: jk: Stockings - Teal [Fiction & Fables]
Scooter: {what next} Blue Kick Scooter [Arcade June '14]
Bears: <:*BoOgErS*:> Wear-A-Bear Blue, <:*BoOgErS*:> Wear-A-Bear Brown [Arcade June '14]
Socks: .S&S. Floppy Socks - Black [TD KidL], .S&S. Floppy Socks -  Lime [TD KidR] [Woodland Treasures]
Boots: jkb: Yellow Floral Rainboot (Left), jkb: Blue Floral Rainboot (Right) [Woodland Treasures]

Bed: *ionic* Bailame el agua (bed)
Bears: <:*BoOgErS*:> Crazy Bear RARE, <:*BoOgErS*:> Chosen Bear RARE [Arcade June '14]
Treehouse: .S&S. Tree House RARE [Arcade June '14]
Lamp: HIDEKI - Floor Lamp [Arcade June '14]
Pillow: Kalopsia - Pouf Blue [Arcade June '14]
Curtain: junk. wannabe boho. wall hanging. green. [Arcade June '14]
Box: HIDEKI - Feel Good - 4 [Arcade June '14]
Cartridge: .:Standby Inc. - Retro Zone - Cart Pack #2 [Arcade June '14]


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