Hymn for the Weekend

Pose: Glamrus Kids . Clover 02
Oh, angel sent from up above
I feel it coursing through my blood
Life is a drink and your love's about
To make the stars come out

This picture was taken at a new sim opened by the creator of Baja Norte called Arranmore. And like all the other sims by the designer, this one is definitely a great one to check out and take pictures at. It's a little busy right now, because it is new, and everyone who has ever been to one of Lauren Bentham's sims know that it's going to be gorgeous.

So if you're ever just looking for a place to take some nice pictures, or just want to explore and you haven't been to any of her sims before, stop by and take a look around. You'll enjoy yourself.

Also I had to do this picture because I discovered something I hadn't known about the TD hands. As you can see above there is a secret pose that is not in the HUD (the notecard says it's for the sake of the shyer kids). I know, who reads the NCs when they update stuff? I do sometimes.

I used to just ignore it, but I found it's actually really helpful, who would have thought, right? Lol.
But anyways. If you want to use this hand pose, you have to use this chat command - /1010 *uck/left or right depending on which hand you're wanting to use.

Make sure you stop by Color me Cute before it closes on the first! They have a lot of cute back to school stuff for kids. BTW this pose pack is also at Color Me Cute... it goes great with the hands and comes with a pair of glasses if you don't usually wear them already.

.Ivy Riverview.
Arranmore by Lauren Bentham

.tsg. Tiaras - Regal Sapphire [Taxi]
*barberyumyum*69HF (brown) [Taxi]
[Z O O M] Lombard Glasses' [Taxi]
{tout petit} Kenna Dress - Sunshine (TLE Exclusive) [Tous Les Enfants]
ToddleTeeZ By: Z - Juice Boxes {Nanners} RARE [Color Me Cute]
:BoWillow: :BoWillow: Le Bebe Outfit - Shoes (baby) GRADIENT [Taxi]


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