Mama Said

Pose: Glamrus Kids . Clover 06
Mama told us we were good kids
And daddy told us never listen to the ones
Pointing nasty fingers and making fun
'Cause we were good kids

Yes it's true. Your eyes are not lying to you. I am making a new blog post like I haven't done in months. But this outfit was cute, and I bought stuff I didn't need, so I figured why not? Not going to write a whole lot here. Just wanted to put this out here for everyone to see. Lol.

.Ivy Riverview.
Kalopsia - Worn Wooden Alphabet - # [The Men's Dept]
{anc} feather chips {phoenix} [The Men's Dept]
[monso] My Hair - Taeyeon /Brown [Taxi]
IKON Triumph Eyes - Armor[Taxi]
{Little Miss} Studded Preppy Top - White [Color Me Cute]
[sau]Indian feather necklace[0007] [The Men's Dept]
~LaZo - Polly Jegging - Pattern [Taxi]
N. Emery Sneakers Omit [Color Me Cute]
{Little Miss} School Bag - Brown [Color Me Cute]
[Z O O M] Lombard Glasses' [Taxi]


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