If I was you, I'd wanna be me too.

I thank God every day
That I woke up feelin' this way
And I can't help lovin' myself

Alright, so days before I did this post, I had a complete blonde moment. I decided I needed a new skin. So I went to my favorite skin store for kids, which was the same place I got my old skin, and was trying all the demos and I found one I liked. So I bought it, and went home and was bragging about my new skin.

Of course, I start organizing my inventory and purging the demos. I put the skin in my skin folder, lo and behold... I purchased the same skin I was trying to switch from. Ugh, waste of time and money. But can I message the creator and hope that I can get a refund for a double purchase? It was almost a year ago I'd bought the skin the first time. So I know I didn't have a transaction log for it. And everyone knows the horror at having to contact designers this day. I'm not putting anyone on blast, because I've had a lot of good luck with designers myself.

But we all hear those horror stories of people buying something too many times and not getting a refund. Or someone buying something and not getting it and then never hearing back from the designer (this has actually happened to me once at the arcade). And I'm sitting here talking to Kendall and Zaidon, all like, this is my own fault too. I should have checked. And she could very well use that as a reason for not refunding me. I mean it was my own stupidity. And they both agreed. Who goes to the place they're trying to buy something from and doesn't even check the name of whatever they're trying to replace?

I did. That's who. So I start the dreaded explanation notecard and send it to Eeilee. And she was actually really nice about it. I was worried for nothing. She got back to me faster than I had even imagined she would. Like within like ten minutes. I actually think it was closer to five. I wasn't even expecting her to get back to me the same day. But she was super understanding and nice, and gave me the money back as a store credit; which I told her to do because I was just going to go back to the store and get a NEW new skin anyways. I do feel the need to point out she did offer to give me the refund as Ls. So don't any of you sit there thinking she was being cheap or stingy. I asked for it in store credit.

Why am I sharing this story with you guys right now? Well there's just too much negativity about store owners in the family community right now. I mean everyone and their uncle has heard about this whole pastel bulldrama. And I know it's bothering a lot of people on both sides of the argument. And yes, I can see both sides of the argument evenly. Designers work hard to give us new stuff, and shoppers spend lots of money at designers stores so that the designers can continue making things. One can't survive without the other. I've been a store owner before, it's stressful as hell. And as you can all tell I am still very much a shopper.

And on that note, I'm finished with this post. It's turning out so much longer than I had expected lol. Check out the sim that I took the picture at. It's really pretty. They even have some homes for rent. And here is a close up of the skin. I did pair it with the Bad Seed Freckles add on. I think it's really cute.

.Ivy Riverview.

Woodlands Pumpkin Patch

Lamb. Go Easy [The Arcade - Sept '16]
IKON Odyssey Eyes - Armor [LM]
* SORGO - LESHO Shades / TORT [LM]
Bad Seed - Itty Bit Peach Tone [LM]
{Petite Bowtique} Willow Outfit Lilac [LM]
Izzie's - Hair Tie Bracelet [LM]
Bad Seed - Vintage MaryJanes {Fawn} [LM]


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