Where is the love in every fading rainbow?

Where is the love
in every let down heartbeat?
Glamour and fall
is what I'm thinking of.

So I'm blogging this outfit, but I think BOY is either in the middle of moving and/or a complete overhaul, because I can't find their store anywhere. Also none of their stuff is really on marketplace. They have some stuff, but not a lot. So I will just leave this here, and when they get things figured out and settled, I'll update the links so that you guys can check out their store. Because they do make a lot of really nice unisex stuff. This outfit was at the previous round of Ninety-Nine.

The shoes were a freebie that I got from the last round of Enchantment. But the good news is, I did check their main store and you can grab it from there. Make sure you check out the rest of the store too, because they have some cute stuff. Including a particular dress that goes super well with a nice pair of fancy ruby red slippers, if you know what I mean.

Also, here is another skin from Bad Seed. Now this is one of my top three skins from this store. I'm fond of how this one doesn't seem to really have that eyeliner look to it, like a lot of skins have, which makes it hard to find good ones that are age appropriate. I know at some point I am going to have to branch out and find other brands for skins, but I just feel like, for the most part, bad seed is the tried and true. And I totally just realized I should probably be adding the way they look on the bad seed heads as well. I'll have to take some pictures and add them into the posts later.

And this hair is currently out at FaMESHed which ends on the 27th. So you still have plenty of time to stop by and pick it up.

.Ivy Riverview.

[e] Rosalie [FaMESHed]
IKON Odyssey Eyes - Armor [LM]
Bad Seed - Poppet Creme Tone [LM]
[Z O O M] Lombard Glasses [LM]
BOY. "JALEN" Tank Top. "BLACK!"
BOY. "JALEN" Denim Overalls. "LIGHT-WASH!"
{ Clair de Lune} Enchantment Anniversary Gift Ruby Slippers [LM]


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