Carol of the Bells

Oh how they pound,
Raising the sound,
O'er hill and dale,
Telling their tale.

I was going to get this post up on Saturday, but I got distracted with last minute Christmas prep. And then yesterday was Christmas, so ya'll get it today! Yay! This shall be my last christmassy post of the year, since the season is over. I hope everyone had a great Christmas though, for those who celebrated it. And even those who didn't, I hope it was a wonderful day off for all of you!

I am so excited about the update for the Bad Seed Baboo head! There were a number of changes, but the biggest and best one for me was that Eeilee made the skins fit better! If you don't know what I mean by that, originally when you would use an applier with the bad seed head, none of them fit correctly. And I would show you what I meant by that, but unfortunately all I have is a gyazo image to show what I mean, I totally deleted the original version without even thinking about it after she sent out the update. 

But the skins wouldn't line up around the eyes properly, if they had make-up around the eye it would give them major cat eye. Which, I am not very fond of on kids, but that's just me lol. And now that the update is out, I can gladly wear my normal skin with the bad seed head and not have to walk around with a 6 year old's body and a 3 year old's face. Nothing against the cute bytes head, it's cute and very baby like, but it is not flattering for kids who want to be 4 or older.

I also feel like you can personalize this one a little more around the jaw than you can with the Cute Bytes head, because you cannot get rid of the jowls on the cute bytes heads at all. But you can't change the shape of the eyes as much with the bad seed head as you can with the cute bytes heads. They are both very different heads, and they are both wonderfully made. So you really just have to try them both and figure out which one works better for the look you're going for. Older kids should definitely try the bad seed head first, and the younger ones should go to the cute bytes head first. That is my little tidbit of advice to all you little ones out there.

I'll also look into making a male look with these heads and see what I can put together for you guys, just to see how unisex these heads can be. So keep an eye out for that for all you boys out there.

Ivy Riverview.
(K*C) Childrens Snow Angel [LM]

Bebe Baboo Bento Mesh Head [The Crossroads]
.Entwined. Poppy / Light Browns [LM]
{S0NG} :: Andi // Icy Eye [The Kawaii Project]
{Little Miss} Winter Jacket [LM]
{Little Miss} Knitted Leggings [LM]
{Little Miss} Snowboots [LM]


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