A Little Unsteady

Hold, Hold on, Hold on to me.
'Cause I’m a little unsteady.

OMG! I have finally figured out how to work Depth of Field. I know, I know. I'm like years behind. But I just couldn't for the life of me figure it out. But today, I have! And I can now proudly show off my first picture using DOF. It's a little more subtle than I had thought. I probably should have gone a little heavier. Well trial and error! We are taking steps in the right direction!

I have been so excited for this outfit. I had intended on using a different a different background, unfortunately I couldn't find out where I'd seen it at. So! Instead I went exploring and found this cute little place, It's A New Dawn. It's very pretty, so stop by and take a look around. The land group is free to join so if you want to take pictures you can do that. Just make sure to clean up after yourself.

This outfit though. I have been waiting for this outfit. And I didn't get to blog it right away like I wanted, but I am doing that today! So it's all good. The outfit comes in pieces, and it's from Little Miss. Yes, I blog her stuff a lot. Why? Cause it speaks to my damn soul. That's why!

The hair is from, the Whimsical Event going on right now. I have some extras up on marketplace cause I played so much to get this hair. It comes in rigged and unrigged versions. And the rare pigtail versions are fatpacks. But the little buns are cute too. I just didn't like the bangs that come on version one.

And this outfit can be found at the Little Miss Mainstore. Minus the shoes, because those are from Muriel at Color me Cute. They have a cute hat and shirt there too, I like her store. She has nice things, simple, usually easy to accessorize.

.Ivy Riverview.

Glamrus Kids . Catching Leaves [Bebe Bundle]

[NANI] Just.Me ~ Kari.Hair_(unrig) 002 [Whimsical]
[Z O O M] Cat eyes Glasses [LM]
{Bad Seed} Bebe Moppet Mesh Head [LM]
[Buzz] Serenity Eyes - Winter [LM]
{Little Miss} Tucked Tee - Yves [LM]
{Little Miss} Tied Shirt on Waist - Blue Plaid [LM]
{Little Miss} Boyfriend Jeans - Denim Washed [LM]
Muriel. Rigged Platform Sandals - Olive [Color Me Cute]


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