Candy Love


Not only am I a doll; I'm a mother fucking cute ass doll.
I thought these avatars were creepy as fuck at first.
They had weird faces.
But I liked this one, it wasn't quite as mean as the others.
Then I saw the broken ball joint bodies.
And I knew I had to have one.
The hair could be better.
I mean it's okayish, but it could definitely be better.
Isn't this format a little odd?
I probably shouldn't have written it like this.
But I kinda like it.
No it won't be a habit.

>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: *C:K* Nyanotech Hair [Type A] - Cerise V3
Eyes: *C:K* Glossy Doll Eyes - Brown
Head: *C:K* Kittenz Daffie Head
Dress: *C:K* Gothique Rose Dress - Black
Body: *C:K* Kittenz Broken Ball Joint Body
Shoes: *C:K* Simply Unreal Booties - Black


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