Not Kidding ._.

I'm in the mood to blog tonight, so blog I shall! My first post of the month will be a kid's outfit! From Soken, that my mum bought me. That cost a whole 1$L! :D Yeah! You go mum! I'll let you spend next to nothing on me! Wooooo! Haha, anyways, I looooove baggy jeans. Baggy shorts, boy clothes. I love them. In fact I kinda prefer my male avi to my female one, because he's just so cute. So much cuter than his not brother! >.> <.< ._.

Anyways, this outfit is cheap and cute, unisex which is a bonus! Textured well, and styled well, I don't shop here often, but they style for child, yabus, ck todder and I think even toddleedoos. Which btw, I saw they remade the toddleedoo, but the head doesn't get small enough, so I'm still not switching to that, sorry kiddos. But I'll keep posting outfits from shops the cater to both parties. Cause I love you all ^_^ I'm tired. So I'll post more later. Bedtime for me!
>.Iris Menna.<
Hair: Yasyn - Bangarang - Grandma's Hot Cocoa
Outfit: [S.K.] Baby HIT & RUN


  1. Anonymous9:59 AM

    Aww thank you :) Im so happy. I'll add your blog in mine


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