Everybody wants to be a DJ

Too bad every time you spin,
You're only aiming for the fame.
"Drugs, Sex, Money" bitch,
It's nothing but a stupid game.

It's that time of year, where if you're like me you're dying from allergies. Or at least you feel like it. I woke up this morning and Jesus Christ. I haven't been able to breathe through my nose since. The first week of the You Suck Giveaway has already passed, meaning only 2 weeks left to enter. I've been happy with the entries I've read so far. They really mean a lot to me. But at this rate the winners are gonna be the only ones who joined... Not that they mind I'm sure. Lol.
About this outfit. Hmmm what to say.. Well the shirt is from Psycho byts, which is a shop I'd never heard of before Whore Coutore, which is believeable because well there's a ton of shops in sl. And there's no way I'd ever be able to keep up with every store in sl that's open. But I like some of the stuff. The cargo shorts come from Duck nipple, and they work surprisingly well with a lot of different tops. I mean I tend to favor cropped tops with them but that's because I like the whole punky look that they give when you pair it with a cropped top. Taxis to inworld shops at the bottom.
I'm not going to whine or complain even though I want to about how bad my allergies are. But at least now I have an appetite again.Which is great because I love food. But I still feel like crap so I won't be writing a lot, I'm gonna finish up this post, I've got a bunch of kids stuff to blog so I'mma get on that within the next week, and I look forward to seeing who else joins the contest.
>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: Magika [01] Tomorrow [Taxi]
Shirt: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Short Sweater - SugarSkull [Taxi]
Shorts: DN Mesh: CapriGo - Warm [Taxi]
Boots: Razor /// Regulator Combat  Boots - Polished [Taxi]


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