F is for Boots!

So first I have a few yabu outfits for boys! These were featured in the Sweet Tots' fashion show on Friday. There were lots of cute outfits. For both boys and girls, but I was the only boy in the show, hence I was given all the boy stuff to model, now I shall show you my favorites! :D

Okay so as you can tell this collection for boys clothes has mostly overalls and boots, the girls stuff has a wider variety. The boots are cute, and she could have gone a few different ways with the boys outfits, and included some corduroy, jeans and sweaters; maybe we'll see some in the winter collection.
Each of these three comes with pant legs and a hat, but I don't like hats, and I don't wear pant legs. xD And they are only 75$L each.
>.Iris Menna.<

Hair: Yasyn - Bangarang - Grandma's Hot Cocoa
Eyes: [PixelSteam] Green Eyes
Top Outfit: 75~*Sweet Tots*~ Yay Leaves Boy
Middle Outfit: 75~*Sweet Tots*~ Fall Flare *Boy
Bottom Outfit: 75~*Sweet Tots*~ Little Pumpkin Boy


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