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I love showing support for new shops, because without them we would always be forced to shop at the same places! How suckish is that? Anyways! So there's a new guy's shop open called .Cutz. It's small but shows promise, after talking to the owner for a bit, cause I like to find out their plans for the future, he has told me he's working on learning to make custom mesh and he will be coming out with jeans too! Woo!

Right now he has out, a tank top, a sweater, two hoodies and a jacket. But they all come in multiple colors and aren't all that expensive. One of my favorite things from the shop was his jacket, it comes in 3 colors with three shirt options.

The shirt comes in.... 6 colors, each color has it's own little emblem on it, and it's easy to match to any jeans for a casual little outfit.

The skin and shape hails from the Buried junk pack, and the ears from Gauged, while the eyes are from REPULSE. Repulse specializes in all eyes disgusting and demented. These are the zombie eyes, they are textured but blank, and I like them for the whole scary face type thing.
>.Iris Ventris.<

Hair: [-B-] Max / +Cocoa+
Skin: [-B-] Hope :Fair:
Ears: :GAUGED: Human Stretched Ears [Tunnels]
Eyes: REPULSE - Zombie Eyes
Jacket: .Cutz. Plaid Jacket Green
Shirt: .Cutz. V-Neck Salmon
Jeans: Red Dahlia's Twisted Mens Outfit
Shape: [-B-] Fate Fair


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