So what is my adult outfit for you for today? Well, let's take a look shall we?!
This is something I put together, using pieces from one outfit, and a few from some other places. The dress is mesh from *Stars*Fashion* and is a promo currently on mp for only 99$L. [MP Link] It comes with the boots (also mesh), stockings and a bra, but I wasn't fond of the last two so I didn't use them. I found new things to pair with it. I think it turned out pretty damn cute!

The glasses are from the ArisAris sim hunt starting on the 5th and it'll end on the 21st, I don't think it'll be that hard, what are you looking for? Not telling. :> It'll be a sim wide hunt of items all costing 1$L, with about 10 stores in the hunt, (10$L for everything sale anyone?). I'm hoping to be able to get the rest of the items before the hunt starts, cause everyone loves a good sale, and a place with pics of all the hunt items on it lol.

The socks I found on marketplace, they weren't the ones I wanted :< The ones I really wanted came in a fatpack that costs almost 1k. I'm not spending all that for 1 pair of socks, but these worked just as well, if not better. Upon seeing the price of the overpriced socks, I searched for something not 1k but still what I want, and found it for a pack for 150. Then I found the tank top for only 10$L and my outfit was complete.
... I really do love these glasses on my avi.... I may wear them more often.

Oh! And the hair, duh! So focused on the clothes I almost forgot lol. The hair is rigged mesh from ploom. It's really cute in the front and in the back it has a hanging ponytail, not one up on your head, but down in the back it's pulled into a hairtie. I loooooove this hair. It's my new all the time hair, cause it works with her face so well, dontcha think?
>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: .ploom. Anarin
Glasses: *Stars*Fashion* Glasses for ArisAris hunt
Tank: [VG] 'Y-Strap Layered Tank' in Tan
Dress & Boots: *Stars*Fashion* Adrianna black
Stockings: WWI Army Girl Black Garters Lights Boxed


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