I know it's been a while! But this dude I work with at Willowdale High School told me about the Buried Junk Pack on marketplace and I've just been so excited about all the different hairs and stuff in it. I'll blog them all over time, but for now you just get two looks. And because there are so much to each look I'm going to break it down into two different posts. Here's the first one!

OMG where to start? How about I start from the bottom and work my way up? The jeans! From poison in the ArisAris Hunt. Comes in male and female, and only the jeans and only in red, but hey it's a hunt gift... you're not suppose to get a lot. Just enough to make you want to come back. P: These jeans are way cute, and I'm not big on red, but I liked these. They work well with the skin tone and hair. They aren't mesh, but I like them anyways.

The male sign tattoo is a freebie on marketplace from [MRC], should be easy to track down, I found it without actually typing in any search words and just looking under tattoos. The sleeves are from Letis Tattoo, they say Carpe Diem, meaning sieze the day for anyone who's never gone to high school or has been living under a rock for the past who knows how many years. It's a very popular saying, just sayin. If you've never heard it before... well now you have. xP

THE RING POP! OMG I FUCKING LOVE THESE THINGS! And they are mesh, so of course I had to blog them xD If you notice I'm wearing a diff color in every picture showing my right hand. Okay these come in they come in nine "flavors" and can be purchased separately from #Ziau# [Taxi]. I wore Cherry, Mystery and Grape during this photoshoot. Ring pops are silly I know, but they are that way to always get in touch with your inner child, which some people in sl really need to do on occasion. I plan to propose to my bf with ring pops. ^o^ Oh damn ._. I just ruined the surprise... Oh well.

The rest are all from the Buried Junk Pack, or as I call it; Best Box of Shit Ever! You get over 15 skins with shapes in different shades, over 20 hairs in different colors, a set of elf ears, piercings, possibly tatts... I don't know I haven't finished going through it yet. Buried closed down so the only want to get this stuff on Marketplace, it's 500$L but trust me, it is SOOOOO fucking worth it.
I love the hair in this color with the skin, I think they offset each other nicely. Infact I've started only wearing this avi. xD Iris is now a dude's name. No one understands my sudden sex change.

I got all of these poses at SwagFest. But I won't actually blog stuff from there until the lag dies down and I can actually buy it wiht out having to contact the owners and have it all redelivered lol
>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: [-B-] Aiden / +Blonde Pack+ - Platnium
Piercings: [-B-] :Basic Piercings: - Anti Eyebrow R, [-B-] :Basic Piercings: - Lipring R, [-B-] :Basic Piercings: - Medusa
Skin: [-B-] Fable! Pale #o1
Eyes: .:: Delusions ::. Balance and Truth Eyes  -  Gullible [Zodiac]
~Arm: Letis Tattoo :: Carpe Diem (sleeves) :: H918
~Hip: [MRC] Male Symbol Tattoo (FREE!)
Ring Pop: #Ziau# Mesh Ring Popz
Jeans: >>>Poison<<< xd & lol jeans_red [from the ArisAris Sim Hunt]
Poses: HISemo-leans II [SwagFest] and :: Focus Poses Male 17 :: [SwagFest]


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