Oh Happy Day

Happy holidays everyone! Yep, it's been busy, and I'm still busy busy but I will always do my at least 9 blogs a month! That is my promise to you, so Here's one more :D I'll post more later.

This was something simple I threw together today, cause I'm so lazy after having to work so much. It's a varsity jacket and jeans. I got the jacket from the willowdale school store, I figured since I'm always there it's about time I buy something lol. The hair is from Ploom, it was part of the 12 days of Christmas.
I have lots of outfits I'll be posting tonight and tomorrow, so keep an eye out! :D Also, this is my 100th post!
>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: .ploom. Nicola - Browns
Jacket: MF-Letherman Jacket Blue
Jeans: MI86545 Mesh Ladies Skinny Pants - Jeans - Fashion Kit


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