So like two weeks ago I sat down with my little siblings and watched the Lorax. It was not what I had expected it to be. I know I know, that came out forever ago, well I know, I'm behind on American pop culture. So sue me.

Okay so yeah, I'm behind on blog posts and I have a ton of stuff to post, so I'mma start getting that stuff out of the way so I can get the new stuff up for posting too.

This outfit is for toddleedoos, and a bunch of the stuff you're about to see is also for toddleedoo. But you kids are good with that right? Of course you are, lol! It's a sporty fit, that comes with the shoes and the headband. The back has a tail on the texture it's pretty cute. The outfit itself is unisex, so boys or girls can wear it. Enjoy!
>.Iris Menna.<
Outfit: :BB: Monster Mesh sporty suit


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