Boots with the Fur

My boyfriend made that joke earlier when I was doing this avatar. So I made it the title. And guess what! We moved in together! And his computer is better than mine. But desktops are always better than laptops, unless it's alienware.

This is a mah new furry avi! It's the natural maine coon mod for the chinchilla fur from curious. I won't lie, almost none of this is the original avatar xD. The only thing from the chinchilla avatar I got that stayed was the head shape. I got new eyes, and ears. The mod comes with the tail, skin and shape (which needs a little modification when you first get it to make stuff look right texture wise) but this is way cute. I got this outfit a while back and had planned to blog it with a whole like Aeon Flux type thing look, but this works too.
Most of this is from Puppy. At least mod-wise anyways. Okay mod-wise this is all from Puppy. The ears, the eyes, the mod kit itself, and the shape that I modified to be more my own than anyone else's. The outfit is from, Graves latex and something or another shop. Very popular high quality stuff for Sci-fi/BDSM type role-play, if you're into either of those things. I have a ton of more things to blog, and stuff to finish. So I shall see you all later!
>.Iris Ventris.<

Shape: Chinchilla - Milk Chocolate (Female) from Curious Inc.
Mod kit: Maine Coon - Natural from Puppy
Ears: Gauged Feline Ears from Puppy
Eyes: Reflective Eyes - Naturals from Puppy
Outfit: G177 Escape - Add On - Transparent Underwear with G354 Sidewinder - Black
Hair: *AP* Rachel Hair
Boots: A&Y Deuz Boots Metallic - Black


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