What else you got for me?

This comes from an outfit for girls, but jeans are unisex. You'll be surprised what you find in your inventory when you're bored of everything you've bought/worn recently. 
This is another male look I put together, using mostly crap I found in my inventory. Some of it I've had for over a year, but don't worry! Everything can still be found on marketplace, I checked. I would never blog something you can't currently find in stores.

>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: [-b-] Eric - Midnight
Choker: [-b-] Pride Necklace (M)
Tattoo: Letis Tattoo :: Carpe Diem ( sleeves tattoo ) :: H918
Scar: REPULSE - Fuck You Stomach Wound Tattoo
Pants: [SX]~(Outfit) Tara
Shoes: PURF - Slip-On Shoes Solid

(Oh an I wanted to show you guys)

This is my family photo we took recently, We're still missing Asu, but hopefully she'll be on someday soon where we can all take a picture together!
Pose:  {Puddle.Jumpers} Musketeers


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