Soooo tired!

I've been checking out photogenic spots listed under the photogenic spots on the destination guide; because I have nothing better to do. And there's a few places there that's actually really great to take pictures at. I took a few pictures and put them on my flickr yesterday. I took them using just regular windlight settings, and if you notice yeah, I had my huds showing >.> sorry about that xD.
This outfit is so cute, it's just something I put together as I just looked through marketplace trying to find inspiration. Then I found this! And I was surprised that it went together so well. Everything is completely rigged mesh, and you know what I love about rigged mesh? It's usually so low script. You can be dressed, look awesome as fuck and have a script count of like 5.
The top does have scripts in it, it's texture change, but it's nothing massive, even with that and my AO on I'm only running 7 scripts. It hails from Razorblade jacket. The skirt comes from corvus, which is a really nice, fairly cheap store. They have cute stuff for like 50$L, and yes, it's mesh. The boots are from Envious, and comes in white for those who has the purity dominating their wardrobe. We all know you're not suppose to wear white after labor day though lol.
This picture was taken at The Looking Glass, a joint creation of Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee. It's a ful ism with beautiful decorations and unique styling. I would recommend checking it out.
>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: Magika [01] Early
Shirt: =Razorblade Jacket= Ballistic Nylon 1/2 Coat /// SOLIDS w/ HUD
Skirt: Corvus : Cross Skirt
Boots: :.Envious.: Carter Boots Black*


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