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So yesterday I did the Global Domination puzzle hunt, and OMG it was fucking hard. Well done RubyStarlight Writer, I applaud you and everyone else who worked on creating those puzzles. Yet another event excellently executed by the HCE.

Now I can't give answers but google is your freaking best friend xD. It took me about 7 hours to finish. Like legit. 7 hours from the time I tped out to start I tped back home with my prizes. And the prizes are really freaking nice. I wish all hunts had to give prizes as nice as this. This isn't like a normal hunt, you have to completely finish the puzzle before you can go get your prizes from the final point, not only cause you don't know where the final point is, but because it checks your passport to make sure you finished. Yeah, heh heh, for all you little skippers out there this isn't the kinda hunt you can do that on. Ha!
I'm not going to blog all of the gifts cause I don't like them all plus there's already a place where you can see most of the prizes. So I'm just blogging my favorites. This furniture set is one of the prizes, and it's pretty nice don't you think? It's from MudHoney, which always has nice stuff. I've gotten a desk set from her before, form zodiac. The outfit above comes from Auxilary, and comes in two versions; this one and one with the colors reversed. You can see it below. The hair is also one of them prizes, from Alice Project, she gave two hairs. The pose from the picture below is from one of the prizes from Exposure, she gave a pose pack with 3 female and 3 male poses and a group pose for family pictures.
These are one of my favorite outfits, as prizes, there's another one I like too but I have to go to a beach to use it or else it won't look right. The prizes covered so many different themes and cultures which was great, because it matched the theme of which ever country their store represented.
This is another prize that I like, the gems are color change, they can be black, red, turquoise or green. This is definitely one of my favorite prizes from the puzzle. Probably my very favorite prize this round. It's the gift from Maxi Gossamer, and it's very well detailed, which is why it's my one of my favorites. It's not often you come across jewelry in sl that's highly detailed like this, the realism is noticeable even from a distance.
Another one of my favorites from the prizes is this formal dress from Indyra, which comes in different types and colors. Blue and Pink, and regular and shimmer (which is what I'm wearing) and bright and not bright (which is what I'm wearing). It's a very beautiful mesh gown that I do enjoy wearing. The hais is the other gift given out by Alice Project, and it's my favorite of the two, there's a rose in the back of the hair and it's very formal looking.
And those are the gifts that I'm blogging for now from the hunt. If you want the rest of the gifts, take a look at the prize page on the HCE blog here: Global Domination Prizes.
>.Iris Ventris.<

Featured prizes:
(in order of appearance)
MudHoney: MudHoney Madagascar Entry (Global Domination)
Auxilary: [Aux]Long T-shirt & leggings
Alice Project: Alice Project Hair - Victoria
Exposeur: {.:exposeur:.} Modella e Modello - Exposeur - Modella 1
Maxi Gossamer: MG - Necklace - Jewelled Hand Of Fatima
Alice Project: Alice Project Hair - Tyr
Indyra Originals: Indyra Originals: Global Domination Prize <3


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