Hell hath No Desserts...

It's officially march here in the cst timezone of the usa. I can't believe next month FIWS, will have been up for an entire year! It feels like much longer, lol.
Well I'm starting this month off with a combat themed outfit. Why? Cause I wanted to! But it's a good one, cause aren't most of my outfits that I post good ones? I like to think they are. The picture above was taken on the roof of the black market at the crack den rp sim, because it just seemed like the perfect place to pose as assassin for a picture. Even though my character is a kelpto, and not an assassin, when she gets more street cred I'mma start dressing her totally bad ass and shit. Yeah!
Anyways, onto the outfit cause you don't care about my life! *sniff sniff* Ha ha, funny. But really, it's time to talk about the outfit. Okay, so let's go from the bottom to the top.
These boots, omg these boots. I love these boots, they are so fucking cute! I keep trying to build my everyday outfits around these , they are calf high and VERY well textured. I absolutely adore these, and I am very incredibly picky about the quality of black boots. The metal of the toes and heels are very realistic and the boots look wonderful with most combat themed outfits and even most casual outfits.
Then there's the dress, this dress from Graves is beautiful. I love it. It's simple, not too slutty, futuristic, the style makes it good for combat rp because, the skirt is short, so it's easy to move in, and the thigh high socks work with the boots to not expose too much skin. It's a great design for girly girls who like to get dirty on occasion, I think it could have been better if maybe she had pink in it, like with black around the edges, and colors in the middle, like pink, or blue, or green, yellow, purple. But that would make the outfit more futuristic and less combatish. I also think this outfit would look great torn, like with cuts on it, can you see that in your mind? I hope so, because it looks awesome in my mind. The outfit looks good like this too.
The sunglasses are a free group gift from Rerty, you tp in and join the group for free and join them, there's two different styles available. And I'm actually going to cut this blog entry short, why? Cause it's March 1st and the Twisted Hunt is on. Yep that means the next 14/15 posts will be nothing but twisted hunt, 20 items down, 128 more to go not counting endgame. So see ya when it's done! Enjoy this hilarious song while I hunt to the point of exhaustion.
>.Iris Ventris.<
Hair: :esk-imo: Hair _ Fraya _BRN 01
Sunglasses: Rerty Kisman Sunglasse (Rerty free group gift)
Dress: G414 Impression
Boots: Razor /// Regulator Combat  Boots - Polished
Injuries: {Fallen Doll} SuckerPunched! and {Fallen Doll} Survivor Tattoo
Gun: [Warhead Industries] Vz61 Skorpion [V2.0] (Boxed)


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