Scream for my Ice Cream

Zombie shirt! Yup. I went there. It's never the wrong time of the year for something zombie related.
Today I was on fb, and after updating the page [which you can find here] I decided why not look through the groups I'm in, and found a few cute outfits. I liked them, so I liked the posts, and while doing that I came across a contest called Besides. And they wanted to know what we do besides blogging. It was then that I realized, I've never told you guys that! So I now I'm posting this outfit for boy tds, or the tomboy tds, and I'm going to tell you guys all about what I'm doing when I'm not blogging! Aren't you excited?
85% of my freetime is spent watching anime, cause I'm just your regualr old, oddly thinking otaku. But when I'm not on crunchyroll, and I'm actually paying attention to my screen I'm doing something. Sometimes flying through my wardrobe trying to pick an outfit, or I'm working, or shopping for something for my sl home. Most of the time I'm standing around with my kid and talking on voice about the weirdest crap. Like what does human taste like, or if he kisses his girlfriend he's gonna end up pregnant. Sometimes I read him bedtime stories and share them with everyone on fb. I'm pretty family oriented even when I'm not exactly filtering my words as they flow through my mind. I've never adopted a kid or been adopted into a family where I wasn't in that family for at least 4 months. Some families I've never left. I have a mom still, she's been my mom for almost 3 years. I have a dad who's been my dad for almost one year, kids who have been with me for over 6 months. I don't have many friends but I have a family that sticks. Lately I've been playing a game called Bulletstorm. I kill stuff, it's fun xD. In fact after I finish this post Imma play it and try to get a little farther. I keep stopping when I die 3 times in the same spot then come back the next day and own that part. Booyah!
Hmm, actually I think I'mma go do that now. Outfit details below, have a great day!
>Iris Menna.<
Shirt: [Nerdalicious] Zombies Are People Too Mesh Shirt-Toddleedoo
Pants: .::Uni::. ZoZo's jeans
Undershirt: [[PunkToTs]] Panda outfit [Toddleedoo]
Shoes: <:*BoOgErS:> Adventure Kid TODDLEEDOO Outfit MP


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