Summer is here..

 I love this time of year. The weather is warm the beaches are full of people that are whiter than I am.  And to be honest that is a big deal since I am like a ghost. Ok, maybe not so white, however, none the less. The sun shines the kids are running around outside playing and there are no school buses to hold me up when I want to get from place to place. Again, there are many pros and cons. To be honest, I live in southern Florida and it is summer here like 98% of the time. So I can’t complain.  Enough rambling. You came here to enjoy my fashion not my rambles…..
So enjoy and see you next time,

What am I wearing today……..

Shape - 100% originally MINE
Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - KRAVEinc FemaleV1 *HERE*
Tattoo - ::Para Designs:: Butterfly Medley Tattoo *HERE*
Hair – Doe: Foxy – Essentials *HERE*
Eyes -Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Persian Blue) *HERE*
Hands - Slink AvEnhance Hands Female – Elegant *HERE*
Ears - :GAUGED: Elven Stretched Ears *HERE*

~*~ Clothing ~*~
Jeans - MOON}. Marly BellBottoms - Darkest Fade *HERE*
Shirts - Corvus : Angel Wings Shirt *HERE*

~*~ Accessories ~*~
:Diamante: SideWays Cross Corded Leather Choker
:Diamante: Greed Abdominal Piercing
:Diamante: Gluttony Facial Piercing

New song for today...
Had never heard it  ENJOY


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