Press play - Walk away.

Press play -walk away-
I'm your laptop DJ.
I don't know how to mix
so I just click on 'sync'.
Please don't cheer to loud for me,
it will go to my head.
And if the music stops,
it means the battery's dead

So yes, the giveaway started, to celebrate FIWS' first birthday. And as I type this I have hit 15k views! I'm so excited! And I love you all! :D

This outfit is really cute and I've been wearing it a lot on my little because it is just so cute. I mixed 3 things from the arcade with a regular outfit and it worked out in my favor. My mum says I look ready for school when I wear it, and I kinda agree with her. This outfit costs 50$L and is from the blossom, which I like, she has a lot of cute stuff.

The hat is from (milk motion) and no it doesn't include the bow, the bow is part of the hair, but both are modify so you could easily make them work together. It was one of the rare items from Milk Motion's gatcha at the arcade last March. Along with that little wolf you see on the side of my arm and the backpack. All three of them were from the arcade in march. I've seen a few of them floating around at yard sales.

The undershirt you see in the picture is a free group gift from {Cutesy Pie}. It's actually underwear and a tank, but it works well with shirts of this cut to make it look more... I don't wanna say swanky. But I think it looks better. I'mma work on getting more of the items posted. I'm soo freaking behind. Blaaah. And my internet hates me for some reason. But hopefully it will only get better.
>.Iris Menna.<
Hat: (Milk Motion) wool-felt cat hat - stars - RARE *The Arcade - Spring 2013*
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Pompon Hair - Hair Band/Pompon - Pancake [Taxi]
Skin: [PF] Kumi <Peach> - Pure (dkbrow) [Taxi]
Eyes: [PixelSteam] Warm Eyes - Black Stone (Medium) [MP]
Teeth: ROMI~Teeth Tattoo - ROMI~Byeoli~TeethTattoo1 [Taxi]
Outfit: .The Blossom. The Blossom outfit TD [MP]
Undershirt: {Cutesy Pie} Undershirt & Shorts [Taxi]
Backpack: ~Tableau Vivant~ Backpack - Pink - RARE *The Arcade - Spring 2013*
Arm fox: d-lab-Residents fox-WM wear *The Arcade - Spring 2013*



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