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Well I have events to cover this month too, this month a new bi-weekly sale started up, called the Pure Sales Room. I'll put a taxi to it later, but first keep reading so you know what to expect.

Ahahaha, anyways, so the sale started this month, and like I said it's a bi-weekly sale, meaning a new round starts every two weeks. Everything there costs from 30 to 75 lindens, nothing higher than that, and they have a some pretty nice stuff there. One of the main things I love about this one is how organized and easy to find things, it is there.

I usually hate going to sales, because usually when they happen it can get cramped and when it gets cramped it's hard to see things, and sometimes you can walk around for like half an hour and you figure out that you passed by it like 15 times already and just didn't notice it. That can't happen here though, because of how simple, but defined the displays are. The decoration style is simple, and it helps that everything here is for people on a budget!

There's a bunch of stuff here; ranging from furniture to clothes to tats to shoes, poses, shapes and accessories. But not everything in this post is from the sale, some of it's from the arcade, some from the Pure Sales Room, and the pose found randomly on marketplace.
Okay, so the top, necklace, tattoo, and jeans are all from PSR [Taxi], the shoes, bracelets, skin and wooden skyline and the background hail from the Arcade [Taxi].

The necklace is from Rainbow's Custom Jewelry, they have a few necklaces out, but I liked this one the most with this outfit.
The top comes in wine, blue, and red, with different patterns per color from Kaithleen. I picked wine, cause I think it works well with the jeans, which came from Blah.BLAH.Blah's Peter Hoodie and jeans set. You know how I like to mix and match outfits, less likely to come across someone wearing the exact same thing as you.
And yes I do try to inspire my readers to try to do the same, I don't post my looks because I want you all to wear the exact same thing as me, but I want everyone to realize that there's so much more to style than just what you see in a picture. Just because an outfit looks a specific way in the ad doesn't mean you have to wear it that way.

The tats are from Boss, which I think is a new store, but I'm not sure. I've seen his and/or her stuff on market place but it's not a lot yet so I think it's just starting out. But either way it's worth a look I think, and maybe if the owner is reading this, you'd want to try doing a single sleeve tattoo? Hmm? :3 Like a sleeve or a quarter sleeve on just one arm? It'd be something new, and different. I'd buy it. [whispers: I've been looking for one]

And I honestly love the look of the tats with these friendship bracelets from the arcade. I know most wouldn't have put them all together, because tats are suppose to be punky, and friendship bracelets are girly, but they compliment each other nicely in my eyes. Well this whole outfit feels balanced to me. Got some urban, some girly, punk, sexy, comfortable thing goin on.

Well I'm getting sleepy so I'mma go lay down and watch some more Game of Thrones. You all stay sparkling!
>. Iris Ventris.<

PS. that closing sentence really sucked..... sorry <.<

Skin: [PF] Harley <Peach> - Arcade 05 *The Arcade - Summer 2013*
Necklace: Squared Tigers gem N Pearls necklace *Pure Sales Room*
Top: Kaithleen's Tie Top Wine *Pure Sales Room*
Sleeve tattoos: .:Boss Tattoo:. - Teorewai *Pure Sales Room*
Bracelets: *BOOM* Friendship Bracelet (assorted colors) *The Arcade - Summer 2013*
Jeans: blah.BLAH.blah*MESH* Peter Hoodie & Jeans-PINK *Pure Sales Room*
Heels: Ingenue :: Delphine :: Silver *The Arcade - Summer 2013*
Skyline block: DIGS - Skyline Relief Block - Tokyo [MESH] *The Arcade - Summer 2013*
Pose Pack: aDORKable Poses: Call Me


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