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Guess who's back,
Back again.
I am back,
Tell a friend.

Well that vacation took longer than I had wanted it to. But now I am home! :D So I spent my week before vacation at the arcade, and I put this outfit together before I left, and I had planned to only be gone a week, so I was going to post when I got back, but now I'm coming up on the deadline of the month and I will always keep my promise.

The Arcade [Taxi] was this month, and I know it's a little late, but if you haven't heard of it yet, you're lucky, around now it's less full and you have a better chance of getting in. There wasn't a lot I liked this round, mostly little things, like this hat. But feel free to take a look at the shopping guide and see if there's anything you want there, there's a lot of cool shops there this round, like Humanoid, Floorplan, Wasabi Pills, Boogers, and a lot more. I built this whole outfit around this hat. Diiego complained when I told him I wanted the average joe set, and tried to talk me out of it, but nope, I wouldn't have it. I had to get that one, for the hat. Of course now he see's the error of his ways. Tisk tisk, you should know better than to doubt my sense of fashion Little Mister Levane.

I love this hat. Actually I love this whole outfit. No one on the corner has swag like meeeeee! LOL smiley face. Anyways, almost all of this outfit is mesh, the legs, the "shortalls" and hat. The hair isn't but with guy's hair it's harder to tell because most of it is so short. All of it comes together with a lazy, slacker kind of feeling to me. I like the legs with these shorts because they give that outdoor summery type feeling to the outfit, like a kid ready to go swimming or run barefoot across the sand, or playing in dirt. Like you're ready to actually be a kid. The hat makes the outfit look not quite so plain.

Now keep in mind, this outfit is for regular kid avis, not td, or yabu, but it is unisex, so boys or girls can wear it. I haven't forgotten about you guys, regular kid avis ages older than toddleedoo size xD.
>.Iris Menna.<

Hat: RO - Morse Snapback
Hair: [Atro Patena] - Hector_Brown
Skin: *Zanzo* Kosei ~ Haniji (Blueberry Tide)
Outfit: [SKM] Average Joe Shortalls MESH BOXED
Legs: Loki Mesh Legs& Feet - SMALL


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