Here's to Never Growing Up

oh just say forever,
If you stay forever, 
We can stay forever young

Part of what I love so much about being a kid avi, is that we can act like kids. I mean, you go ahead in public irl while playing dress up, people are gonna look at you like you've lost your mind. And not to mention holidays are much more fun when you're a kid. It goes from getting the stuff you want as a child to getting stuff you need as an adult. How many times have people asked you what you want for your birthday or Christmas and you're listing stuff you need? Like. Seriously. As a kid, it's like I want barbies, and video games, and toys lots and lots of toys! And when you get in like your late high school years it's like, Uhhhm I need a new brush, and pants would be nice, oh if you can get me a new charger for my phone that would be great! Stuff like that.

I am so glad on sl I'm a kid. I don't really accept a lot of gifts, mostly just 1$L stuff, or freebie stuff. "Bbg what you want for your rez day?" Oh I like this outfit. "Hun it's one linden, I can spend more than that." Nope this is what I want. "You're a pain in my @*#" :3 Luv you too mumly.

Haha, anyways, this outfit is from Oh Daisies, it's one of the weekly sale items for this week. There's a I love mommy and I love daddy version. I got the I love Daddy version, because I liked the shades better than I liked the colored version. I have a lot of colored outfits I need more shaded stuff. Plus I do love mah daddies. They're both amazing and wonderful even if they aren't on much. Not saying I don't luv my mums too. Cause I do. But it was father's day last week.
>.Iris Menna.<

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Pompon Hair - Browns Pack
Outfit: *oh Daisies* Luv Daddy
Skyline background: DIGS - Skyline Relief Block - Tokyo [MESH]


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