Careful you may catch your third wind....

I am so tired.

But I know you don't really care lol. My SL dad eloped last night. And since he eloped, he said we had to dress semi-formal, but semi-formal isn't really a style for kids, so I had to figure out something that would work, and I picked this. The school shirt from Loki, and a pair of jeans. Formalish... right? Probably would have preferred a vest of some sort but no one's made that kinda outfit for kids yet.

The jeans are from bop!, some of the few things they have for sale. And one of my favorite things about these jeans is the stitching. It's orange and noticeable, I liked that a lot. Well I would talk more but the grasshopper song is ruining my train of thought and I can't focus. Have a good morning, and good  night everyone!
>. Iris Menna.<

Hair: *DROT*- The Tobi- Dark Chocolate
Shirt: Loki Short Sleeve School Shirt  - PINK Tie
Jeans: bop! Mesh Jeans - Black


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