I owe you guys a HUGE apology. I made a promise to you guys and RL came up and made me break it. But my RL is getting back in order, and I'm hoping to be back soon. When I do though be prepared. I have a TON of ideas just waiting for my triumphant return. 

Life has it's ups and downs. And sometimes you get blindsided. But everything happens for a reason. I miss you guys, and I miss you guys, even if I don't actually know any of you.Cause we all suck, but we do it awesomely!

If you go to FIWS' facebook page and like it I will keep you updated, or even add me on facebook. So that you guys will know when I will be back and [Face.It-We.Suck] will get new stuff up. I may not have been on but I have watched marketplace so I know what I'm doing. I know what Imma put together for you. 

Iris Ventris
Iris Menna


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