Dance or Die

Please pardon my swag;
But tell me why the hell am I the only ravin'?
You only get one life for a night like this,
so at least let's make it amazin'!

First off lemme say, I did not take this picture. I took pictures similar, but I ended up liking his picture better. So.... I stole it. But I'm giving you credit see! I'm so honest!

Anyways, most of this comes from the Big Dude, Little Dude Hunt. Which is going on right now, and it's for boys and their male role models they have in their lives. Now when I first heard about this I was like, "DAD! You gotta do this hunt with me!" And he was like okay. So we did it, and I gotta say I'm happy with most of the prizes. There's family jammies, father son poses, clothes that match but not entirely. And some shops even give you jeans to go with it.

The matching jackets came from Vicarious Youth, which is in the middle of the hunt path. But I loved how she gave all of them in multiple sizes. So if your 'big dude' is actually a little dude, then it's okay cause you can still wear the big dude hoodie. And if your 'little dude' is actually a big dude, guess what? Yup they can wear the little dude hoodie too.

The pose, I'm guessing was supposed to originally made for a toddleedoo and his dad, since toddleedoos are so popular. And when I sat down.. well this is what I got. So moving a few pillows around and a bit of pose rotation and voila! Child abuse via pillow style! We were laughing the whole time even though it wasn't an animation 'cause it just looked like the perfect freeze frame.

It's not a very long path, and it's easy enough, but it's still a nice little way for dads to spend time with their son's. I'm slightly disappointed so many shops withdrew from the hunt, because I was really looking forward to it. It's not often you have hunts that are focused on boys. And a lot of the shops had gifts for big kids and little kids and parents. Some didn't really have gifts for all parties involved but at least they tried, I won't complain. I didn't come across any that didn't have a gift that I could use. And most of the shops had pretty good gifts, so at least it wasn't a complete loss.

These jeans are not from the hunt, but they match really well, don't you agree? The kids jeans came from soken and honestly I was so thankful cause I've been wanting to use these jeans I just haven't had a reason to wear them yet And now I do! And after an hour of hunting, I finally found his jeans! Bwhaha! Though finding his piercings and other things aren't quite as easy, so all I can give you is a way to get his jeans. But you don't mind that do you? The jeans are unisex, so even girls can wear them.

The rug is from a past round of the arcade, cause I didn't have a bed big enough for us to use as a prop. And the house in the background is from this month's round of Collabor 88. It's small, only 2 rooms and a second floor with a balcony. But it's cute, classy, and tasteful. So of course I had to get it. So much self control and reasoning behind it. Anyways, I've written a lot, soooo I'mma just leave it at that, and give ya the credits so that we can all get on with our day. :3
>.Iris Menna.<
Todd is wearing
Hoodie: Vicarious Youth - Lil Man Hoodie (kids) [Taxi]
Jeans: [SKM] Chocolate Jeans Boxers Combo MESH [Taxi for big kids] [Taxi for TD]
Body: Super Mesh Bros - Mesh Body for Kids [MP]

Big Dude is wearing
Hoodie: Vicarious Youth - Big Man Hoodie [Taxi]
Jeans: [NL] Nolimitz Mesh Unisex skinny Jeans w/ HUD [MP]

Pose: Winter Ravens : Pillowfight Pose for Father & Son [Taxi]
House: Trompe Loeil - Sparrow Hill Lodge [mesh] [Taxi to Collabor 88]
Rug: AF Jute Natural Rug [Taxi]


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