Something Old, Something New

Well hello fellow suckers. Today I have come to you feeling like I can take on the world.  Ok, not really, but I did wake up with the intent to blog again, And Look, I did.  I was not sure what I was going to do or anything.  I do love to watch a blog come together.  It didn’t start the way it ended. Nor was this in any way what I started out with as a picture in my head.
 I logged on shopped around a bit I went to a few sales rooms. The attic has some really nice stuff this round and when I got my new hair I knew that was the start of the blog. Next I needed something to wear. Trusty jeans that love and wracked my brain for a shirt. Scoured my invent to see if I had anything that yelled at me OMG this.  No luck. Then I thought back a week ago on yet another shopping trip when I came across something I wanted to get as a gift for someone else. That was my OMG moment, so I went and got it for her and one for me as well. You see she is a true super hero fan. So when I saw this it was a no brainer.
 With that, I set off to look for the finishing touches.

I think in the end it was not a bad turn out. And I do truly enjoy working with Char when I get to. After all, she is stunning.  Anyways, I sort of have a mix of stuff in here new and old.  I think it came together really well.  Anyways, have a great day and See you next time K. 

What am I wearing today……..

Shape - 100% originally MINE
Skin - .ploom. Harlowe_Honey - Capricorn {HERE}
Hair - MINA Hair - Nikky - Light blond {HERE}
but you will pick this up here in the attic {HERE}
Ears -: GAUGED: Elven Ears- Stretched Ears [Stars] {HERE}
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Persian Blue) {HERE}
Tattoo - : Para Designs: Dirty Mehndi Tattoo ~ Version 2 {HERE}

 ~*~ Clothing ~*~
Shirt and Panties- ::VIVID:: World's Finest Outfit {HERE}
However you will pick this up at the pure sales room  {HERE}
Pants - *X*plosion X*Cross Female Pants Straight (Inked) {HERE}
Shoes - %.:EC:. Bag Drift-Team Sneakers {HERE}

~*~ Accessories ~*~
Piercing- :Hebenon Vial: Liquid Silver {HERE}
Necklace - ::B-UniQ:: Compass Necklace FEMALE {HERE}
Bracelet- **RE** Female BOX Transfer {HERE}
Nails - Pink French Tip Fingernails Mesh rigged {HERE}
Ring- JCNY - Athena, 'ICONOCLAST' Combo Wedding/Engagement Ring {HERE}

What is she wearing……..
Shape **  100% originally HERS
Skin ** [Hush] - Sade {HERE}
Hair ** .ploom. Kayla - Blondes {HERE}
Eyes ** Ibanez ColorGlow Eyes - Feldunost 
Have to contact the owner here the shop has closed Annie Ibanez
Tattoo ** Arms ::Para Designs:: Punked Black {HERE}
Tears  RAW HOUSE :: Kill Count Tears dark {HERE}
Right Cheek :: Wretch :: Scratch Tattoo Cuts Right {HERE}
Left Cheek Corvus : Cheek Scars {HERE}

~*~ Clothing ~*~
Shirt and Panties- ::VIVID:: World's Finest Outfit {HERE}
Pants - *X*plosion X*Cross Female Pants Straight (Inked) {HERE}

~*~ Accessories ~*~
Piercing- <-Puncture-> Dermal Gemstone (Throat) {HERE}
.Pekka. Splint Piercings - F – Nose {HERE}
Necklace - Cross Chain Necklace (female) {HERE}
Bracelet- *BLITZED* Brutal Cuffs - Old leather brown {HERE}
Chorus bracelet - brown {HERE}
Ring- JCNY - Athena, 'ICONOCLAST' Combo Wedding/Engagement Ring {HERE}

~*~ Scenery and Pose ~*~
Bus stop-  .::BT::. Bus Stop Photo Prop {HERE}
 Bus- Metro City Bus {HERE}
Pose- .:. Seil Xpression .:.  Chasing a dream {HERE}


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